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What Is QuickBooks Workforce?

QuickBooks Workforce is a cloud-based time and attendance system created by Intuit to work seamlessly with QuickBooks Online. It’s been offered for years, but this latest edition has some great new options. In addition to the usual time clock for punching in and out, there are now ways to automate your payroll or use an app on your employees’ phones to clock in or out. It’s a great option if your business is growing and you want better tracking for how much time your employees spend on different tasks.

What Is QuickBooks Workforce One?

In addition to the new features, Intuit is also offering an expanded version of the service called QuickBooks WorkForce One. This option allows companies to provide their employees with an Intuit-provided Android tablet, which they can use to clock in and out, access paystubs, receive messages from management and more. Best of all, the plan is renting by the month rather than something you have to buy up front.

QuickBooks Workforce pricing is $35/month, while QuickBooks WorkForce One costs $45/month.

How Do You Get Started With QuickBooks Workforce?

To get started with this time and attendance system, you’ll need to go to Intuit’s website and create an account if you don’t already have one for other services like TurboTax. Once you’re in, click on QuickBooks Workforce and then “Sign Up Now.”

You’ll be asked to enter your email address and select a password to get started. Then, choose whether or not you want Intuit to keep track of the passwords you’ve used (recommended) and add a security question to help if you ever forget it. Click “Next Step” after you’ve done so, and Intuit will send you an authorization code via email to finalize your account.

What If I Already Have Time Tracking Software?

If you have employees who are currently using a time-tracking device like a punch clock or their own biometric data (like a fingerprint or retina scan), you’ll need to get that information into QuickBooks Workforce. You can do this by selecting “Manually enter your time and attendance data” during the setup process, and then entering start and stop times along with any comments on why they were clocked in for.

Do I Get A Free Trial?

Intuit has a 30-day free trial available for both QuickBooks Workforce and QuickBooks WorkForce One. This will allow you to try the service on your own, without having to put it into action with any of your employees or pay monthly fees until you’re sure it’s something you want to keep using.

What Do I Need To Make QuickBooks Workforce Work?

In order to use the time and attendance system, you’ll need a PC or Mac with an Internet connection. Employees will need a device they can clock in and out on, like a fingerprint scanner or a smart card reader. You’ll also need to have QuickBooks Online set up for your business.

How Does QuickBooks Workforce Automate My Payroll?

The automation option is an exciting perk for businesses who want to keep things nice and streamlined without having to worry about miscalculated paychecks or timecards. You can pick one or more employees, select how often you’d like them paid (daily, bi-weekly, weekly, monthly) and choose a start date. Then you can sit back and relax as QuickBooks takes care of all your payroll needs!

What About Employee Tracking?

If you don’t want to use the time clock option, there is always the chance to track employees with something like an app on their phones. This solution takes care of clocking in and out for employees, but it doesn’t automate the payroll side of things. Some businesses may find this to be a better option than using biometric data or having an actual time clock on hand.

Can Anyone Use QuickBooks Workforce?

Employees must have access to a physical device that they can use to clock in and out with your business’s software. This means that it wouldn’t be compatible for companies who rely on contract workers, like Uber or Lyft drivers.

What About Payroll Taxes?

One of the best things about QuickBooks is that it takes care of all the math in regards to payroll taxes. Automating this aspect of things means you can save time and make sure your business is on the up and up.

Who Is QuickBooks WorkForce Best For?

Workers who want to earn extra money through tasks like Uber or Lyft without having to pay weekly fees for a time clock are probably going to appreciate this service, as well as employers who want to have complete control of their payroll without having to worry about miscalculated paychecks.

Workers who are looking for a little more freedom when it comes to earning extra money might also find QuickBooks WorkForce appealing, since you can track hours on your phone or computer instead of having to be inside the office.