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Helpful Tips for Selling Merchant Services

Your ability to sell is important. That’s especially true if you’re selling merchant services, which require the buyer to trust that they are getting the best deal possible for their business. A buyer of any product or service needs to feel like they are finding value in what they buy. One way of creating this perception is by providing information about how the service works and the benefits it provides.

Here are some helpful tips for selling merchant services:

  • Discuss how the process works – The more your customers know, the better they’ll be able to trust that their business is in good hands. Also, take time during your initial meeting to discuss what could potentially go wrong with a transaction so you can alleviate a customer’s concerns.
  • Provide results, not just promises – Your customers don’t want to hear about what you’ll do – they want to see the real-life benefits you provide. For example, have a testimonial ready from a business similar to theirs that has enjoyed success thanks to your service.
  • Put yourself in the customer’s shoes – Think about what your potential customer cares most about when it comes to running their business, and address those concerns head-on.
  • Don’t be pushy – Selling is an art form that requires patience more than anything else. You can tell people all day long what they need to do, but if you don’t give them time to come around on their own, you’ll never close the sale.
  • Focus less on what you do and more on the value it provides – The good news is that there are plenty of benefits associated with merchant services, so make sure your potential customers know about them! Also, make sure they understand how these benefits will help them run their business.
  • Make the benefits personal – Try to get specific about how your merchant services will benefit your customers and their business. For example, say something like “Your increased cash flow from improved processing efficiency will allow you to take better care of your employees.”
  • Offer a guarantee – This is a proven sales tactic that puts potential customers’ fears at ease, enabling them to give merchant services a try.
  • Ask for the sale – Don’t assume that just because you’ve given someone all of the information they need, they’ll buy from you or not. You have to ask for the business yourself!

When selling merchant services, it’s important to reassure customers with knowledge and results rather than empty promises. The more you know about the services you’re selling, the better able you’ll be to share that information with your customers and get them excited about working with you to meet their business goals!