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What is a Mobile Point of Sale System?
By admin February 14, 2022

A Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) system is essentially a mini point-of-sale system that you can carry around with you. These types of systems are more flexible than traditional systems because they’re not attached to one stationary location, hence the name “mobile POS”.

Typically, mPOS devices consist of tablet PCs which include a card reader (for credit cards, debit cards, etc.) and an optional PIN pad. The way it works is that you can take your tablet to the table where the customer is seated and ring up their items on your device; this gives them a chance to see what’s on their bill or to pay by cash instead if they wish.

The table would be equipped with a wireless device (normally Bluetooth) which allows you to transmit all of your transactions wirelessly. Then, once your customers have finished shopping and are ready to pay, you can head back to your Mobile point of sale system and swipe their credit cards, process the payment, print out receipts for them (if they wish), and then they can be on their way.

Setting Up Your Mobile Point of Sale System

The setup process for your mPOS system is pretty straightforward. Simply connect the card reader (if it’s not already integrated with your device) and/or the PIN pad, turn it on, power it up (if necessary), pick the language you want to use, and then you’re off!

Once your mobile point of sale system is operational, it’s a good idea to perform a test transaction with a credit card to see how it’s performing. You can do this by swiping the card through the device and running it through as if you were processing a real-life transaction. This will help you to know whether the card reader is functioning properly and will also allow you to familiarize yourself with how your Mobile POS system works.

Who Can Benefit From an Mobile POS System?

If you’re thinking that this type of technology sounds great, but isn’t really something that applies directly to your line of work, think again. Mobile point of sale systems have a lot of benefits that can apply to almost any line of work. Here are just a few examples:

  • Restaurants – mPOS systems make it easier for waiters and other restaurant staff members to track customers’ orders and add up their bills at the table. If your restaurant serves customers who pay with plastic, an mPOS system can also help you to streamline your credit card processing.
  • Cafes – If you own a cafe, an mPOS system can let you accept credit card payments without having to invest in a costly point-of-sale terminal; this will save you money that could be used for other purposes.
  • Retail stores – With an mPOS system, retailers can let customers pay for items at the checkout counter with their credit cards (or any other type of payment) regardless of whether or not they made a purchase in your store before.
  • Businesses – If you work at a non-profit organisation, church, club, etc. and want to accept credit cards as a form of payment, an mPOS system can help you do that without having to purchase and install expensive point-of-sale equipment.
  • Tour Guides – A tour guide could offer his or her services by selling tickets for tours on the spot; an mPOS system would allow them to do this securely and efficiently.
  • Mobile Satellite Systems – A company that offers mobile satellite services could use an mPOS system to sell their products and services on-site.

If you work in any of these lines of business or something similar, then an mobile point of sale system can help you to increase your sales by making it easier for your customers to buy from you. The founders of the company even gave their system a name that tells you everything you need to know about why mPOS systems are beneficial: the acronym is “Mobile Point of Sales.”